A brief about history, civilization, culture & economic development of the nation:-

At the beginning of the 21-Century, Bangladesh is eighth (8th) largest population country of the world. It is is a land of river. Geological data shows that, the land was-formed about 6.5 million years ago during the Tertiary Era. Human habitation in this region, likely to be very old; early 2000 BCE civilizations have found in different parts of the country, some of them are about 4000 to 2500 years of old or even more older. (In a part of the country, a prehistoric civilization has found where people were lived in Cave.) More research work is necessary to discover departed histories of the nation.

The origin of the word Bangla or Bengal is unknown, according to the Mahabharata, Purana and Harivamsha, it has written about a kingdom named the Vanga/ Banga Kingdom. At the Classical times the land was used to known as Bengal, Bangala, later on; Bangla. [A brief political history of the land from BCE to today's Bangladesh Click Here] The name Bangladesh was start using since Liberation War of 1971 and first (1st) independent Bangladesh government was took oath at April 17, 1971

Ethnic peoples and migrant minorities' citizens of Bangladesh: Among citizens of the country ethnic Bengali citizens are about 98.5% and different minorities groups (like; CHAKMA, MARMA, GARO, TIPRA, MONIPORI etc. there are about 75 minorities groups) are about 1.5%. The minorities groups are actually migrants to the land from neighboring countries; it was not more than about 300 years ago when their ancestors were migrated in the land from neighboring countries for a better living in the land. However, now days as per law of the country all citizens of Bangladesh are in equal rights.

History of civilization, economy and civil life of Bangladesh: The nation has a very bright history of socioeconomic developments.  Before the 'British Colonization' the nation was a very bright history of socioeconomic status, as per written in notebook of the Chinese pilgrim; Tsang the Bangla was a most rich nation he (Tsang) have ever visited (the Tsang was a tourist and he was visited all over the Europe and Asia). The nation was very abounding in Textiles Technology/Engineering; the nation was used to produce a cloth named MOSLIN, a very high quality of cotton cloth which still nowadays, even Germany, Japanese spinning technology can't be compare with the MOSLIN. However, the British army; through their conspiracy they established their colonization in the land and was destroyed backbone of the nation.  At 1757 AD the British colonization was established in the Bangladesh, and the British rules the nation about 190 years and during their rulings they destroyed values, norms, technology, educational system, heritage and every-strengths of the nation. That is the most painful history of the nation. At 1947 AD the British be obliged to leave the India (the Indian sub continent; Bangladesh-India-Pakistan) but during the time the British leave the sub continent, they made another conspiracy by dividing the nation based on religious faith of the people; resulting the largest mass migration in human history was made. Although since ancient time, the nation ware used to live with peace and unity relationship between neighbors without considering religious faiths. As per history, since thousands of years peoples of the area ware used to live in secular ideology.

At 1971 AD the land; today's Bangladesh become independent from the Pakistan; through a Liberation-War under the leadership of Father of the Nation; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At December 16, 1971 Pakistan Army surrender to Freedom Fighters of Bangladesh and the Bangladesh become independent. But, conspiracy of the Pakistan-Army and their alliances agents - kills Father of the Nation; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at August 15, 1975 AD along with all of his family members (including women and children, even pregnant women they killed) accept two daughters - as the daughters was out of the country that time. After that, development of the nation becomes stop. After 1975 AD agents of the Pakistan-Army rules the nation; they were made law of indemnity for not have any justice trial in Bangladesh for the killing of the Father of the Nation; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members. Self declared killers ware appointed (appointed by the rulers who ware agents of the Pakistan-Army) in different diplomatic posts, war-criminals were rehabilitate and were become even Ministers and also President of the country!

However, at parliamentary election of 1996 and 2008 "Bangladesh Awami Leaug" come in government power and since than the nation developing rapidly... indemnity withdrawn, killers of the father of the nation had death-sentences from the high-court, numbers of the killers death-sentences already executed . War-Criminals trial started, numbers of the war-criminals already got death-sentence, numbers of the death-sentences already executed. Living standard of citizens has elevated, UN Millennium Development Goal achieved, the country becomes a lower middle income country status already and many more success stories... Evaluation by the UN and many others international leaders at 2015 AD the Bangladesh becomes a role model for the developing nations at all over the world.

Natural Climate, Geography, Language and Social Life: Tropical mild winter; October to March, hot, humid summer; March to June, humid, warm rainy monsoon; June to September. Lands are mostly flat alluvial plain, little hilly in southeast, most of the lands of country are situated on deltas of large rivers; Jamuna, Padma, Meghna, Surma and many more small rivers eventually empty into the Bay of Bengal.  Language; Bangla 98.8% (official, also known as Bengali), other 1.2% (the migrant groups of citizens speak their own language). Religious practice of citizens; this is to mention that; at ancient time; Hindus and Buddhist and No-religion Believers ware used to live in the land with brotherhood relationship and secular ideology, but from the 10th century Muslim conversions and settlement in the region was starts and at last the British policy of dividing the India (India and Pakistan at 1947) based on religious faith of people, largest migration of history was made; thousands of families ware resettled; Hindus leave Bangladesh and Muslim leaves from the India to Bangladesh and resulting now; Muslim 89.1% (includes; Hanafi, Sunni, Sia, Ahle-hadis, Ahamadiyya, Kaderia and many more...), Hindu 10%, other 0.9% (includes Buddhist, Christian and no-religion believers). However, by constitution the Bangladesh is still a secular country. Every citizen is free to practice/to follow his/her own religious customs and mass citizens of the country like to live as a secular society.

Present Economic Development of Bangladesh: Since 2008 the image of Bangladesh has greatly improved, By the leadership of Her Excellency; Sheikh Hasina (daughter of the Father of the Nation; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman) economy of Bangladesh has grown GDP 6.5% plus per year, at 2016 the Bangladesh evaluates as a champion in poverty alleviation and becomes a role-model for achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of the United Nations. The market-based economy of Bangladesh is the 32nd largest in the world by purchasing power parity and is classified among the Next Eleven emerging market economies. According to the IMF, Bangladesh's economy is the second fastest growing and second largest major economy of 2016 in the region.

The BJSP Missions: -

As a political party, the BJSP are keen to achieve its visions as early as possible for betterment of the citizens of the country Bangladesh. The BJSP already launch it's movements to achieve "7 (Seven) Visions of the BJSP", and as a part of the movements, the BJSP starts sharing it's vision through correspondence and conversations to other political party members of Bangladesh, to/with respective government officials; office of ministries, office of the election commission, office of the chambers of commerce and industries and mass medias in Bangladesh as well as at internationally.

We (the BJSP) want to be a participant to establish peace and harmony for our beloved country citizens as well as for the world citizens. Let's build a stronger Bangladesh...


Bangladesh Janatar Shokti Party (BJSP), a proposed political party in Bangladesh. The word "Janatar" means "People's" and the word "Shokti" means "Power", whole meaning of the name "Bangladesh Janatar Shokti" means "People's Power of Bangladesh".  Full Name of the Party is: "BANGLADESH JANATAR SHOKTI PARTY" and Nick Name is: "BJSP", some people may also call the party name simply as; "JS" or "JSP", and also some time only as; "Shokti". [As like the "Bangladesh Awami League" some time used to known as "AL", and also as; "League". Proposed Election Symbol of the party is: "Three grip/grasped hands" and Fundamental Ideologies of the BJSP are as: "With the spirit of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism; let us try to be a participant to establish peace and harmony for our beloved country citizens/ the Bangladesh". The BJSP always would be keen to follow the Constitution of Bangladesh as 100% for betterment of our beloved country citizens as well as for the world citizens.
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