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As a political party, the BJSP are keen to achieve its visions as early as possible for betterment of the citizens of the country Bangladesh. The BJSP already launch it's movements to achieve "7 (Seven) Visions of the BJSP", and as a part of the movements, the BJSP starts sharing it's vision through correspondence and conversations to other political party members of Bangladesh, to/with respective government officials; office of ministries, office of the election commission, office of the chambers of commerce and industries and mass medias in Bangladesh as well as at internationally.

We (the BJSP) want to be a participant to establish peace and harmony for our beloved country citizens as well as for the world citizens. Let's build a stronger Bangladesh...

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For betterment of the citizens of Bangladesh, the 'BJSP'/ 'Bangladesh Janatar Shokti Party' is devoted to serve its level best and used to make proposal time to time about distinct current issues as well as national development issues to different government office/ officials. And some of the BJSP Letterhead correspondence proposal/s which are related to public interest are going to be published here are as followings:
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The BJSP <Bangladesh Janatar Shokti Party> currently in the processes to attain obligatory legal and infrastructural setup to start formal operation of the party for betterment of our beloved country citizens.

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