Bangladesh Janatar Shokti Party (BJSP), a proposed political party in Bangladesh. The word "Janatar" means "People's" and the word "Shokti" means "Power", whole meaning of the name "Bangladesh Janatar Shokti" means "People's Power of Bangladesh".  Full Name of the Party is: "BANGLADESH JANATAR SHOKTI PARTY" and Nick Name is: "BJSP", some people may also call the party name simply as; "JS" or "JSP", and also some time only as; "Shokti". [As like the "Bangladesh Awami League" some time used to known as "AL", and also as; "League". Proposed Election Symbol of the party is: "Three grip/grasped hands" and Fundamental Ideologies of the BJSP are as: "With the spirit of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism; let us try to be a participant to establish peace and harmony for our beloved country citizens/ the Bangladesh". The BJSP always would be keen to follow the Constitution of Bangladesh as 100% for betterment of our beloved country citizens as well as for the world citizens.
The BJSP Missions: -

As a political party, the BJSP are keen to achieve its visions as early as possible for betterment of the citizens of the country Bangladesh. The BJSP already launch it's movements to achieve "7 (Seven) Visions of the BJSP", and as a part of the movements, the BJSP starts sharing it's vision through correspondence and conversations to other political party members of Bangladesh, to/with respective government officials; office of ministries, office of the election commission, office of the chambers of commerce and industries and mass medias in Bangladesh as well as at internationally.

We (the BJSP) want to be a participant to establish peace and harmony for our beloved country citizens as well as for the world citizens. Let's build a stronger Bangladesh...

7 (Seven) Visions of the BJSP: - [the declarations was made at October 07, 2016]: -

With the spirit of nationalism, socialism, democracy and secularism; to build a stronger Bangladesh, to build the Bangladesh as "a welfare country" for its citizens, at October 07, 2016; conveners of the 'BJSP'/ 'Bangladesh Janatar Shokti Party' has declared 7 (seven) focal points outlines of its visions. In addition, expecting that, every supporter of the "BJSP" will work heart & sole to achieve the BJSP-Visions for betterment of every citizen of the country, the BJSP-Visions are explaining as the followings:

  1. Social Security and living standard of citizen of Bangladesh will elevate maintaining and comparing with the international standard. Every citizen will get Essential Medicines and Health Care Insurance services from the Government. Every citizen will get 'Social Security Retirement Benefits' (once he/she will go for retirement) as per evaluation of his/her working, taxpaying and patriotism records.

  2. Education, Research and Infrastructure development of Bangladesh will promote strongly comparing and maintaining with the most-advanced nations, such as; Switzerland, Canada, USA, UK, Germany etc. As Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world, therefore to confirm government's services at the citizen's doorsteps; every Upojela (Deputy-District) will be upgrade as a District and every district (presently known districts) will be upgrade as a Sub-Divisions. Modern infrastructure will be setup in every district of the country comparing and maintaining with the international standard. (Like the country; Singapore). Special Court/ Justice Tribunal/ Lay Justice Court will establish in every Union, wherein citizens will able to face a Judge and file a Case without appointing a lawyer. To develop first world standard infrastructure; electricity production from Nuclear Power will given no 1 priority. Second priority will given to coal-fired power plants and numbers of nuclear power plants as well as coal fired power plants will setup (by taking mutual assistance from Russia, India and outer friends countries) in the country, however, on every stage environment friendly most modern technologies will given priority with considerations for betterment of mass citizens of the country.

  3. Modern technology based industries (every sectors; Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors of industries) will promote in every corners of the country. To strengthening financial institutions and business of the country, stock exchanges will setup in every divisional head quarter of the country. Digital governing system/ digital management system will establish in every sector of public services as well as will promote in private sectors. To compete with the twenty first century global standard of living for every citizen of Bangladesh; roads, transportation, safety and citizen's security systems will modernize comparing and maintaining with the standard of first world countries. Wide roads will develop in every corners of the country; Dhaka - Chittagong, Dhaka - Sylhet, Dhaka - Rajsahi, Dhaka - Ponchagar highways will upgrade in 8 (eight) lanes and others all intercity and district communication main roads of the country will develop at least Four (4) lanes, and all residential area roads will develop as at least double lane and all the residential area roads of the country will must include enough-wide walking-streets. For betterment of citizens of the country; modern transportation system like LRT, MRT, MONORAIL, etc will setup in every district of the country. River dressing, river banks protections and waterways transportation system at all over the country will promote strongly comparing and maintaining with the first world standards. [And all those programs will create more job opportunities for citizens and will raise living standard of the citizens]

  4. Corruption & Terrorism controlled Bangladesh will achieve with special priority. Digital security system will implement in every corners of the country for betterment of the citizens. To elevate citizen's daily life; hassle-free from different professional service sectors, brave and illegal earning of money from mass citizens by corrupted professionals/ govt. officials/ private officials will make stop strongly. It will confirm that; professional service fees from citizens must receive through money receipt by every professional and official; such as Lawyer, Physician, government and others officials etc. So that, mass citizens of the country; will not be cheated by professionals and officials whether in public or in private sectors. Police management, administrations and operational functions will digitalize 100%, so that all citizens of the country will be safe from wrong practice of any corrupted officials.

  5. "National Housing Policy of Bangladesh" and "National Family Car Policy of Bangladesh" will launch. A standard residence/shelter for every citizen of the country will confirm with priority for the unprivileged/ poor citizens. Model Village will setup in every corners of the country (in every Union). Every taxpayer citizen will allow buying a car (limited models from list of the "National Family Car Policy of Bangladesh") through bank loan. Every taxpayer would allow buying/develop one residence for his or her own (flat in condo/individual house) through bank loan under the program; "National Housing Policy of Bangladesh". Digital database maintenance will confirm smooth and hassle-free service to perform the said jobs for betterment of every citizen of Bangladesh.

  6. Election and Vote Casting System will modernize; all area of every 'vote center' including 'Polling Booth' (except the vote sealing area; where a person seal his/her vote in the ballot paper) will be in coverage of CC Camera and live view of the CC Camera will be public-ally available. [Therefore, citizens would able to know live update about safety, security and credential about the 'election' and the 'vote casting'.] At every word-counselor/ word-member election area, the Election Commission Office/ EC Office will have a permanent setup (a beautiful office complex) under the Election Commission of Bangladesh. The office will be permanent office of elected word-counselors/word-members and the office will be also use as a permanent vote-costing center as well as for many other propose for betterment of every citizens of Bangladesh. The system will not only improve security of citizens but also for politicians. Local government election and management system will be replication of the country's parliamentary system. Drawing and Submissions of election nomination papers will make 100% digital, so that interest citizens will draw and submit his/her nomination papers (election schedule papers) through online/internet.

  7. Patriotism and Social Welfare services will promote strongly among citizens. Different designations and benefits will provide to the citizens, based on his/her personal participation to patriotism and social welfare services. Farmers, Industrialists and Traders; these three sector's citizens will show officially special priority respect based on their participation to the national development. Our/ the BJSP main objective is to achieve; social security, stronger economy and a secure nation for every citizen of Bangladesh as well as for the world citizens.

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The BJSP <Bangladesh Janatar Shokti Party> currently in the processes to attain obligatory legal and infrastructural setup to start formal operation of the party for betterment of our beloved country citizens.

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